Medkey: Healthcare Software of the Future

  • 100% Free and Open Source (GPLv3)
  • 100% Clinic Business Data & Patients EHR Ownership
  • Fastest Web Application you've ever seen
  • International and International Standards Compliant Software

Open source Hospital Information System for your clinic automation

Medkey Medical Information Software Features:

— Platform-independent box application gives you guaranteed data ownership and safety;

— Electronic regisration: online appointment via website and other channels (social media and etc.);

— Electronic Health Record (EHR);

Personnel accounting and specialists load forecasting & planning;

Inventory and expendable materials accounting;

— Client service quality control instruments;

— 100% free and open source (licensed under GPLv3).

Health Level 7


Medkey Hospital Information System — today's the most perspective healthcare automation solution, built on the peak of web technologies and healthcare analytics

Free and open source Medical Information System Medkey can be used for:

Private medical centers

Private doctor's office

Dental clinic


Medical comission


Public medical institution

Public polyclinic

Specialized clinic



Research institute

Other organizations

Rehabilitation center

Social protection organization

Developmental correction


Veterinary clinic

Cloud and box medical informations system in a single solution: Hospital information system can be installed on-premise as a self-hosted solution, or can be deployed as SaaS/PaaS cloud solution. Application will be available from any place via internet

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