About Medkey Open Source Healthcare Software Project

Who we are

We are not a corporation, we are not a private firm, we are not a non-commercial organization. We are only the team of independent enthusiasts working on this project since 2012.

We want to make Medkey the best healthcare automation software.

Why it's free

All we use open source software. It does not matter did we know it or not, but it is so.

And we believe that the power and the future of software development lies in open source.

We want to deliver our software to anyone who need it, for free.

Only this way with help of community of our users and developers we can make the best software product.

Technical problems and bugreports

We want to help everyone who want to install Medkey and having troubles.

E-mail of our technical support service: support@medkey.atlassian.net.

Usually answers in 3 working days. All messages processed via Jira Service Desk and will not be missed.

Write us to learn more about Medkey capabilities

We are happy to receive any non-technical feedback via this form!