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Learn more about Medkey Free & Open Source Healthcare Solution possibilities, features and compare it with other software & cloud solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read FAQ about Medkey Project: what is Medkey, what is EHR (Electronic Health Record), what can I get usign healtcare software, how can I install medical software and etc.

Changelog & Plans

Learn about our software development plans. Learn about previous & future releases, new feature lists, bugs & bugfixes and other critical information about Medkey Project development.

Standards Compliance

Medkey fits all the healthcare information industry standards: OpenEHR (Open Electronic Healthcare Record), HL7 (Health Level Seven) and etc.

Healthcare Integration

Learn how can you automate your clinic or hospital in the shortest terms getting all the features of free and open source software.

Heatlhcare Software Comparison

Compare Medkey Open Healthcare Software with other solutions: box commercial software, cloud clinic automation solutions and other free software.

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