Agile and Modular Architecture

Architecture is the foundation stone of any business application. Free and open source Medkey hospital information system give you extensibility.

Medical Information System Medkeymodular web-application.

In stock all necessary capabilities for medical organization and extension abilities using modules and plugins.

Real flexibility and extensibility of hospital information system Medkey are provided by module framework, and will be liked by all medical organizations system administrators and developers. And one of the most popular programming languages PHP will give you ability to easily find a qualified developer for customization of your instance of Medkey.

Heahtlcare Information System Medkey is a web application with client-server architecture

Medical information system Medkey must be installed on-premise on your server, VPS or hosting, and can be accessible worldwide via internet.

Medke doesn't need any desktop software except any modern browser.

Store medical information system data in any relations database management system

Support of Popular Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Medkey can use for storage different database management software (DBMS). You are not limited with choice of most suitable for your tasks database engine.

Through to well designed and optimized tables and relations structure of application's database, system works fast and scaling-ready.

Medical information system build on the top of PHP 7 language

Modern programming language PHP 7

At the core of the Medkey lies modern script programming language PHP7.3. We are using all cool features and possibilities on the top of PHP language, including very fast perfomance of language instructions, strict typing, dependency injection and any other.

Popularity, widespreading and cost efficience of PHP langauge will give you ability to find developer when you need to customize your hospital information system.

Modern frontend UI of your Hospital Information System

Modern well designed ReactJS frontend

At the core of Medkey frontend are ReactJS and a bit of Backbone.

Simple and extensible UI of Medkey with good UX will be very pleasant to your users.

Useful hospital information system module manager

New modules installation using Medkey Module Manager

Installation package of any module contains of:

  • Database configuration;
  • Business logic;
  • Configuration files;
  • Widgets and UI interfaces;
  • Additional data.

Module installation safe and secure, and will not break your working instance of Medkey Hospital Infromation System.

You'll like it!

Customization and development of Free Medical Information System Medkey

At the core of Medkey Customization Framework lies upgrade-safe concept.

By means of this concept you can be sure in that:

  • Upgrade of your Medkey Open Source Hospital Information System will not ruin or damage your instance and working business processes of your Medical Organization;
  • You can easily migrate your extensions on a new instance of Medkey in needs of scaling your software, move it on a new servers or any other cases.